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Who We Are

Bibury Trout Farm is one of Britain’s oldest, and certainly most attractive, trout farms. Founded in 1902 by the famous naturalist Arthur Severn, it was situated to stock the local rivers and streams with native Brown Trout. It is now owned by Max Thomas of Poulton Hill and operated by sisters Kate Marriott and Sheena Woodhams and covering 15 acres in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cotswolds, the Coln Valley.  The crystal clear waters of the Bibury Spring provide the essential pure water required to run our hatchery, which spawns up to 6 million trout ova every year. It is also home to a great variety of other species, such as kingfishers and threatened water voles.

The village of Bibury itself was famously referred to as the ‘most beautiful village in England’ by William Morris and we can certainly understand why, Make sure you visit historic Arlington Mill, Arlington Row and the beautiful St Mary’s Church. Photo opportunities are around every corner in this small and perfectly formed Cotswold village.

Rob Walker

Hatchery Manager - where the process starts!

Rob graduated from Sparsholt College Hampshire in 2007 after studying fisheries and aquaculture, apart from a short stint with the Environment Agency he has been farming fish ever since. Rob’s main role is to manage the day to day running of the hatchery, this involves keeping healthy hand selected broodstock and twice a year spawning future fish for the farm. Once the fish in the hatchery reach about 15grams they are moved out onto the farm until big enough for the table or stocked into lakes and rivers across the country for sport.

Cabin Cafe

Cafe, shop and beginners fishery

The farm couldn't function (or at least the staff!) without the hard work of the team on the visitor side of the business. They are always busy in order to make sure the shop is full with amazing gifts as well as stocking a selection of the best local products ranging from wines, beers and ciders, through to chorizo, sausage rolls and more! Alongside the gift shop we have our Cabin cafe which is run by Sally who manages this fantastic terrace cafe selling our wonderful trout products, as well as providing enticing specials to suit all tastes! 

Fish Farmers

Dave has been at the farm for over 30 years so knows every nook and cranny. Ian has been delivering fish throughout the country again for longer than he can remember and has a good relationship with all of out long standing customers. As well as looking after the fish Steve also helps out on the retail side, delivering newspapers and taking our fresh and smoked products to local farmers markets.  These products are produced by Jeremy who know all about smoking fish and can turn his hand to most mechanical and maintenance issues.  These loyal, long standing staff are the backbone of the business.

Les and Paul

Night Wardens

(Paul on the left) We couldn't sleep easy without the diligent efforts from our two night wardens. They make sure the farm is secure at night (thanks to their velociraptor head torches) as well as helping out around the farm in busy periods. "oh Bungle......"