The Hatchery at Bibury Trout Farm was redesigned in the early 1980’s to fulfil the needs of the farm. It is fed from the world famous Bibury Spring which is of excellent quality and remains at a constant temperature of 10°c. 
The Hatchery produces 1 million eggs a year. The brood fish are all grown on site and are constantly monitored for Health as only the highest quality are chosen for spawning which takes place between October and December. This involves the eggs and milt being removed from the fish and fertilized externally. Each female will produce between 3000 and 4000 eggs. We use a ratio of 1 male to 3 females to ensure a high fertilisation rate. 
The eggs are incubated in zuga jars or trays and after 16 days the eyes of the developing embryo are visible. The eggs hatch after 32 days and are nourished by their yolk sack for another 2 and a half weeks before they are fed for the first time. The early days of first feeding are very important for the trout’s development so they are fed around the clock. 
At this stage the fry can eat a staggering 3.8% of their body weight per day. After 3-4 weeks the fry are moved outside where by April/May they can reach 5 grams. By July, the fry will weigh 10-20 grams and their feed requirements will have dropped to 2.3% body weight per day. As fingerlings it is at this point, they are moved out to their new home on the farm. They are transported in oxygenated tanks. 
As well as producing High Quality Rainbow and Brown trout for our own farm, we also provide eyed Ova and fry to other fish farms across the country. 
The Hatchery has Global G.A.P (good agricultural practices), Quality Trout UK and RSPCA accreditation, so you can rest assured that all products are of the highest quality and reared in the most ethical and sustainable way. 
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