Do you need to pre-book tickets for entry and fishing? 
No. Just come along on the day and buy tickets when you get here. We do not have an advance booking system. We always advise visitors to come as early as possible to avoid queueing for the fishing (which opens at 10am). On a busy, sunny Saturday afternoon for instance, there may be a short wait. 
If we don’t want to kill the fish ourselves, will your staff help? 
Yes of course. We realise some people may not want to do this bit. Just ask any of the staff to help when you are there. 
Do I need a fishing license? 
No. Our farm fishing license covers all our visitors. Children under 12 don’t require a license anyway. 
How much do the fish cost? 
£12 per kilo 
Can you catch a fish and put it back if you don’t want to keep it? 
No. All fish caught must be killed and paid for. We need to ensure the fishing is carried out in the most humane way possible. The fish will not recover from the stress of being caught if placed back in the water. 
If we don’t want to cook the fish on the farm after we’ve caught it, can we take it home? 
Yes. We sell ice packs in the fish shop for £1, which will keep the fish cold for a couple of hours. 
Can I bring my own fishing equipment? 
No. We supply you with the equipment and give you a demonstration. Please do not bring your own rods and nets etc onto the farm. 


Do you need to pre-book bbqs? 
Yes. These are extremely popular and do need to be booked in advance. You can do this through the BBQ page of our website. 
Do we have to book for disposable bbqs? 
No. You can buy them at the fishery once you’ve caught your fish. £7 for small and £12 for large. We have a dedicated BBQing area which is open from 10am until 5pm and operates on a first come first serve basis. Please note the area is just for cooking the caught fish and cannot be used to cook other food. 
Can you bring your own gazebos / pop-up tents / bbq’s onto the farm? 
No. You may bring a small parasol and foldable chairs. 
Is there a maximum amount of people you can have round the brick BBQs? 
Depending on which BBQ you book we allow a maximum of 31, 15 or 12 people per brick BBQ. 


Do you allow dogs? 
Yes we welcome dogs, but ask that you keep them on a lead and clean up after them. 
Do we need to pay admission tickets if we just want to use your cafe and shop? 
No. You are very welcome to use our cafe and shop without coming onto the farm. 
Do you do season tickets? 
Yes we do. £120 for a family season ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children) which lasts for 12 months. 
Is there a play area? 
Yes we have a little play area for children which includes slides, climbing apparatus, swing and a sandpit. 
Is there disabled access and a disabled toilet? 
Most of the paths around the ponds in the trout farm are covered in gravel, however there are some walkways that are concrete or soil so a wheelchair is possible. In summary, you could get round some of the farm, but not all of it. If you would like to fish, it is possible to get a wheelchair onto the pontoons on the river. Just ask the staff in the fishery to help you. And yes we have a disabled toilet next to our café. 
Can we bring a picnic onto the farm? 
Yes of course! We have lots of picnic benches around the farm, and a dedicated picnicking spot next to the Crazy golf. 
Do you have camping on the farm? 
No. There are various campsites nearby though - for instance Far Peak Camping. 
Can I buy vouchers? 
Yes! You can buy vouchers for admission and fishing, or to use on our on-line fish shop. Just ask at reception or purchase through our on-line shop.  
Are there baby changing facilities? 
Yes we have baby changing facilities in one of our toilets accessed once inside the farm. Please ask a member of staff to help. 

Car park 

Do you have a carpark? 
There is some parking in and around the village, which is free. Alternatively, there are 2 fee-paying car parks for trout farm visitors, parking is £5 for the day. To find these car parks please turn left at The Swan hotel and follow the signs. 


Can I reserve a table in the cafe? 
No. We have plenty of seating at the front and back of the cafe, it’s very unlikely that you would need to wait for a table. 

Buying live fish 

I have a lake and would like to buy some live trout for it. Do you supply private individuals? 
Yes we do. Please call the main office number for more information. 


How can I get a job at the trout farm? 
We are regularly on the look out for bright and conscientious people to join our team. If you are interested, please send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected] 
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